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Stadler Footwear

Made in Austria, Stadler Footwear is born from traditional shoemakers who have embraced new materials into their craft to produce some of the finest and most comfortable footwear available today.


From famous Vibram soles to calf-leather linings and vapour permeable membranes, there is somthing here for everyone.    From light recreational walker to Mountain trekker, expereience shoes made with individualtiy.

We are intoducing Stadler to Australia and will have products available shortly as right now, Stadler is transitioning to the new 2015 range with new syles and colours.     However, if you are here then we would really appreciate hearing about what YOU want or are interested in, from Stadler.     Stadler has many styles and we can't offer them all, at least not in the beginning!

So view the range of Stadler products here at Stadler Schuhe or ask us for a downloadable cataloge

Then Email us to tell us what you want.     If you like, we'll also keep your details to advise of you when Stadler comes to Australia.

We think Stadler will become your favourites and like our other products, they're Made in Europe!


We're also interested in finding retailers, so if you have or work at an outdoor shoe retailer that has the drive and desire to offer their customers something more than the others, we'd like to talk to you.